HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGED MY LIFE: Christianity ain’t just about making Heaven


Some people, if not most, think that the main and only reason why they are Christians is to make heaven. And this is why sometimes during evangelism, even a potential convert would believe he’s got all the time in the world to do what he feels like, and then make amends in the last 5 secs of his dying breath.

Being a Christian is much more than that. God has not only saved us from our sins and given us eternal life, He has adopted us to become part of His family, part of His kingdom. Each Christian has that thing that God wants him/her to achieve in earth before coming to heaven. By the way, hope you all know heaven is not the last bus stop; there’ll still be a new earth (read Revelations).

God has something He wants you to do for Him on earth. Every Christians mandate is to bring more people into the family of God, into the brotherhood of Christ, and we all have our own God-given unique way of fulfilling this mandate.

So stop gliding around pestering God about the time of rapture and start living for Him and working with Him to do what He wants you to do. Jesus told us to let our light so shine before men that when they see our good works, they’ll glory God. No matter where God leads you to; pulpit ministry, health, engineering, fashion, information technology, accounting, shoe-making, food vending, whatever it is you find yourself doing, show forth that glorious light of God in you.


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I'm just totally crazy about God... I dnt have a

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