HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGED MY LIFE: The way you see Him is the way you deal with Him


When I started reading the Bible, I started with the Old Testament, and my conclusion was that people deal with God the way they see Him (whether they found out themselves or God had to reveal it). Take David, His relationship with God was superb, not because he was without mistakes

but because he saw the merciful side of God. Take Jacob, his cunny ways changed when his relationship with God changed. Take Isaac, God showed Himself as Jehovah Jireh and Isaac had the faith to dare the impossible. What about Moses, he knew his inadequacies, but based on the way he dealt with God, it showed that he knew God loved and valued him.

How do you see God? What do you know about God? How has He been presented to you by your Pastors? It is popularly said that a man’s destiny is in his name, so also I believe God revealed various dimensions of Himself in the Old Testament through his name. In the story of the Prodigal, I believe the second son saw his father as his father, and that was why he had the impetus to request for his inheritance. And rightly so, when he returned looking like a beggar, his father received him as a son. On the contrary, the first son saw his father as a task master, and that was why he questioned the father’s killing of a cow for the return of his brother, whereas, he has never had a feast held in his honour before.

If you have been nursing a wrong perspective of God in your mind, please do change it. Study the Word of God to know who He really is. God is way much more than what we think and the discovery of Him is inexhaustible. You gotta see Him as your Provider, your Healer, your Helper, your Best Friend, your Protector, your Maker & Creator, your Guide and Guardian, your loving Father, and the list goes on and on.

God is inexhaustible. Jesus loves you more than you know. The Holy Spirit is right there in you. Selah.

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I'm just totally crazy about God... I dnt have a

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