HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGED MY LIFE: He’s a real good Father


I used to think that God punishes us for every single sin we commit, and that if He doesn’t get to punish us immediately, He’s waiting for you with a ripple effect in the future. I guess it’s because I grew up under Nigerian parents (Most Nigerians would understand this); it took quite a long while for the whole forgiveness thing to stick in my spirit. Thus in those days, when I do something I knew was really wrong (you know the way we used to classify sin like stealing is bigger than lying, etc. lol; just for the record, sin is sin brethren), I could fast for as long as three days (with breaks in-between though) depending on the ‘gravity’ of the sin, begging God to forgive me. I don’t know why I thought He wouldn’t forgive me or couldn’t even hear me.

Yeah, I know, the prayer of a sinner is an abomination before God. But guess what, If you are a Christian, you are now righteous because of Jesus. This is what the Gospel has taught me:

God has forgiven you all your sins. If you do something wrong and your conscience judges you, repent of it in your heart and RECEIVE your forgiveness. The Bible asks us to come BOLDLY before the throne of Grace that we may OBTAIN mercy and find Grace to help in times of need. If God didn’t want to forgive you of all your sins, then it means Jesus needs to re-die everyday for our sins to be forgiven (Jesus has died and is risen. Glory!!!).

So what about all those people that have bad things happen to them and the cause is a past mistake they committed. The thing is naturally, and I mean by nature, the law of Cause & Effect, Seedtime & Harvest, Sowing and Reaping is in force. If I read my books, I’ll pass my exams – that’s natural. If you do a wrong, you could be punished – that’s also natural. You engage in fornication, 50% chances of HIV/AIDS – that’s also natural.

If as a Christian, you believe something you are going through is as a result of a past sin, appropriate God’s Word to that situation. You were fornicating, now you are barren? Receive God’s forgiveness and conceive. You were a prostitute and you have HIV, receive God’s forgiveness and be healed. Look, the basic point is don’t accept the bad things happening to you simply because you did some wrong things in the past. Receive the inheritance of the new Kingdom you now belong to.

God loves you, and wants to see you prosper. He wants to see you healed, and He wants to see you free and full of joy. Stop playing the guilt trip. Run to your Father today, He has missed you so much and has been unhappy seeing you suffer. He’s a real good Father!!!


Reference: John 3:16, Col 1:12-14,

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