December 12th this year will mark my 12th year of being in faith. After several attempts of going to the altar for salvation, on this mid Sunday morning in December 2004, I decided to make an end to this journey. I said to myself ” you don’t need to be at the altar every time a call is made, now concentrate on how to make your salvation work.” Indeed the last 10 yrs have been spent still trying to see if my salvation will work. All I knew and heard was how you can not boast of been saved because you can loose it anytime. Even as a young minister, I always believed that I can after been used of God be abandoned. I was always scared of not missing it at any point. There could be no greater bondage than this.

But something happened, after an exposure to the gospel of grace. I began to have several encounters with God of all grace and mercy and full of love. I remember one afternoon in the month of July, the love of God dawned on me, suddenly I realised that my sins have been forgiven, that God is no longer on a sin hunt; that God can not punish me for the same reason Jesus was punished; that the demand of justice have been met, that I am finally free. For the first time I knew I have the assurance of my salvation. I began to solo “The man of sorrows” from the stable of Hillsong ministries:


“Now my debt is paid

It is paid in full

By the precious blood

That my Jesus spilled

Now the curse of sin

Has no hold on me

Whom the Son sets free

Oh is free indeed”

Indeed, without any doubts I knew something had happened. Ever since, my relationship with people has improved greatly. That condemning and fault-finding part of me is gone. I now relate with people expecting the best from them. I no longer find it difficult believing folks. Ministry has been fun – reaching out to the lost world at God’s expense. I have seen a dimension of the supernatural at work ever since.

Now this is my conviction: Either the gospel or nothing. Grace or nothing else. I choose to know Christ and Him crucified.


Rich.| For The Messenger



I'm just totally crazy about God... I dnt have a

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