You meet a guy, you fall in love with him, and then you start fasting for 3 days to hear what God would say or you draw up a ballot to cast lot against a choice of potential partners. My dear, the voice of your heart would more probably drown the voice of the Spirit and you would most likely hear what you want to hear.

I’ve come to learn, you had better get to know God while you are single than fall into a million heart breaks and disappointments trying to date with your feeble knowledge of who is best for you. I think it was first from Pst. T.D. Jakes that I heard about the concept of being single and happy (I must have been really young then, lol). Anyways, I began thinking about it and playing around with it.

Don’t give in to the pressures of the world system that makes you feel useless and unaccomplished if not married at a particular age. Don’t rush into relationships, don’t rush into marriage. In fact, who said you must start dating at a particular age before you find the right partner – this is also a world system you must not fall into. Don’t get your heart broken so much that you would have nothing left to give the right partner when he/she comes along. Your life partner is much more than the person you have that chemistry with – what happens when real life issues face you? Your life partner should be someone with whom you would together, fulfill God’s purpose for your lives.

Then I heard this really cool concept from Pst. Bankie that explains it all the more. It is the idea of building such an awesome relationship with God that your heart is so synched with your spirit and your spirit with God’s Spirit that you ‘know’ things. This then also comes in handy with relationships, because, you can walk boldly, knowing that your conscious and unconscious steps are being ordered by God and knowing that God would shield you from anything and anyone that would be detrimental to your destiny. And since you have already been walking with God, you can be sure that your heart would be sensitive to do the right things and make good choices all through the relationship.



I'm just totally crazy about God... I dnt have a

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