The life-changing impact that The Gospel has had upon my life can be best described in one word, as “Newness!”
I came from a Christian background, and was exposed to the things of God from my childhood. My parents were ministers in the church, and I found myself in that system. Infact, my salvation experience is one that I cannot date, because I answered the “altar call” several times just like many other Christians.

However, I started to walk in the consciousness of my new birth experience, when one of my childhood friends started to speak to me on the Love of God, revealed in the person of Jesus Christ.

The words she spoke gained entrance into my heart, because they were not mere words, they were spirits. I could not deny the conviction that birthed those words, they melted me. I pondered over them day and night; infact, I longed for our next fellowship. She bore witness of a God she had come to know experientially, not just theoretically. This was a real, tangible, and lively hope; not just business as usual. That was the turning point for me!

I then, became exposed to the New Creation realities teachings, that is, the implications of the new birth experience; which I believe is a good foundational teaching for every new convert. My desire for God’s Word began to increase, the eyes of my understanding were being enlightened, and my fellowship with God was becoming richer because of the entrance of Light.

Thank God for the teachings of Ministers of God such as: Joseph Prince, Andrew Wommack, Chris Segun Onayinka; amongst many others! Old habits and characters began to fade away, as the Person of Jesus Christ, which is full of Grace and Truth was being revealed to me. It was also tough on the flesh: ambitions dropped, ego trampled-upon, desires changed, friends changed; it was a new life!

I began to grow in the knowledge of God; He began to redefine life to me through His Word. He did not just want to change my character or habit: it was a different kind of life; a life of a higher order, that operated by different principles alien to the one of the natural. I came into new experiences, unknown waters; a Spirit-led life. Guess what?! I no longer had a life of my own. Jesus Christ gave me His life and wanted to live through me!

I find it difficult concluding this write-up, just like the Acts of the Apostles, because He is not through with me; until all of me responds to all of Him, until I fully bear the image of the incorruptible Christ, until I conform to the image of the Son of God, until I reign in the likeness of the resurrected Lord, until mortality is swallowed up by immortality, until I see His face. Glory!!!

By Tim || For the Messenger



I'm just totally crazy about God... I dnt have a

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