HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGED MY LIFE: The fruit of the Spirit

Lol, yeah, it’s not ‘fruits’ it’s ‘fruit’. All those years struggling to be a good child, I thought I could do it all on my own until it became so so tiring and frustrating trying to keep all the rules. All I heard around me was:

Be kind! Be good! Be honest! Be loving! Be meek! Be quiet! Be long-suffering! Know when to Talk! Be wise! etc. I did try to attain some of these, but I simply couldn’t get them all at the same time! I began to search for a better way. Being a Christian shouldn’t be this tedious!

And then I found out yet again, it shouldn’t be a struggle. You know, when the Bible says but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, It did mean it. This stuff about being all good doesn’t have to be cramming 77 ways to please God. It’s a process.

You know, I’ve come to believe that when we got saved, it was our spirit that got saved. Then now that we are saved, we need to get our minds in synch with the new input of God’s Spirit that we have received. We do this by studying the Word and praying and relying on the Holy Spirit to help us, soon, you’ll see that you do not have to remember any rules to be good again, it just flows as your nature.

And also, knowing, acknowledging and confessing who you are in Christ (2Cor 5:21) and what you have in Christ (1Cor 2:16) helps a whole lot; I could call this the ‘Righteousness consciousness’.  How wonderful!

A Little Boasting for Today:

I am loving, kind, peaceful, gentle, good, meek, self-controlled and patient; because these are the things the Spirit works in me.

References: Gal 5:22, Phil 2:13

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