There are and have been so many misconceptions about what the church does with our money. Back then, I heard things like God would be angry with us, things would become tight, the devil would be on your case,

you’ll become poor and bankrupt, etc. And I saw the reactions of many people – giving out of fear for all these given scenarios or getting angry over their curiosity of what their money is being used for.

I found a better truth! We don’t give God our money because we owe him anything. Our giving is more like when Jesus said where we place our treasure is where our heart would be, and so we are and should be committed to giving, not just because we would receive things back from God (because there are actually blessings in giving – offerings, tithes and otherwise) but also because we are committed to this kingdom – the brother-hood of Christ. Giving offerings and tithing are forms of worship.

We shouldn’t be giving in fear but in love.

A Little Boasting for Today: courtesy Global Harvest Church Bodija

I give to God not grudgingly nor of necessity, but I give to Him of the abundance He has given unto me and I make known my commitment unto the Kingdom, for He makes all grace abound toward me that I, having all sufficiency in all things may abound to every good work.

Ref: 2Cor 9:7-8

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One thought on “HOW THE GOSPEL CHANGED MY LIFE: Offerings and Tithes

  1. Good one!!!..
    I also found that while doing those things are important
    The heart is also important.
    So if you do it without the right heart, it won’t strike a chord in heaven.

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